Things A Husband Should Do During Pregnancy

Having a baby is one of the most special moments in a person's life. In fact it could be argued that it is the most special moment in a person's life. That being said, it can be stressful and very anxiety filled for both husband and wife. Pregnancy can be very difficult on a woman, and there are things that husbands should keep in mind. This article is going to outline three different things that husbands should do when their wife is pregnant. [Read More]

Should You Make An Extra Effort To Exercise While Pregnant?

As a pregnant woman, you probably take prenatal vitamins and watch what you eat. You may even do some walking or easy exercise, but working out might be more important than you think. And while your obstetrician may encourage you to walk or do other light exercises, this might be a good time to discuss what some of the benefits could be to considering this. Exercising in Pregnancy Can Be Connected to Baby's Activity Levels for Life [Read More]

Abnormally Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: Get The Facts

If you've noticed a heavier than usual period, it may be cause for concern. Heavy menstrual bleeding can usually be diagnosed if you're noticing the need to change sanitary napkins or tampons more frequently than usual or if you begin to notice blood clots that are larger than an inch in diameter. If you're concerned about your menstrual cycle, it could be time to visit your gynecologist so they can help determine the cause. [Read More]

3 Tips For Managing Discomfort During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a beautiful and miraculous experience for many women. In fact, many women enjoy their pregnancy rejoicing in the miracle of life. However, just because it is a beautiful experience doesn't always mean that it is comfortable. Many times the woman's body undergoes extreme stress, pain and discomfort throughout the pregnancy. This is why it is important that expectant mothers know how to minimize the discomfort during pregnancy. Here are some tips. [Read More]